I'm Elizabeth, mother, occupational therapist, and advocate for special children and their parents. 


My passion is supporting parents and their children around the world who are highly sensitive, on the autism spectrum, have ADHD or other complex or special needs to live with more joy and less stress. 

Support for Parents & Children 

Monthly Meetup

Free Parenting Tools

for Special Children

Parenting Course

To increase calm & connection within the family

8-Week Interactive Teen Life Skills Group 

Insightful Parenting program for building relationships, resiliency & managing stress 

Parent Mentoring Support

To help parents & children grow 


Inspiring interviews and articles to help parents & kids 

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

Helping kids achieve their goals 

Collaborative Partnerships

Working alongside others to holistically support families.

My Story

Watch this 3-minute video to understand better my reasons for wanting to mindfully help parents and children. 

What Parents Say

​About online workshops

"Being a parent with special needs kids is very challenging. The class gave me a sense of community and I felt I connected with parents across the world who have similar challenges as I do, and that was very powerful for me."

-K.S. Foreign service mother of a child with special needs

"Shoulder to shoulder is how I want our family to look out to the world and this workshop provided invaluable steps to get closer to that objective."

-Paul Williams

"Dr. Shaffer is not only knowledgeable, but extremely empathetic and relatable. She shares and opens up fearlessly about her own parenting experiences to invite a safe space for parents and caregivers to get support, be heard and get inspired! She is a privilege to meet and learn from. A true gem! 

-Audrey Susin

"Wish I had an intro to these tools 15 years ago!

-Trish Rossiter

"Taking care of yourself is incredibly important for parents of special needs kids.  This class will give you an array of excellent, simple, practical tools to meaningfully improve your self-care - I highly recommend it! "

L.S. Parent of a child with ADHD


100% of Mothers Who Participated In the Online Mindfulness-based Course 

For Parents of Children with Special Needs Agreed:

"They Could Better Handle Challenging Situations
 As A Result Of This Workshop."

Colaborative Partners

I have enjoyed working with amazing people and organizations worldwide,

supporting children and families in various capacities. Here are just a few.

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